The Past

Kym and Phil have been involved in the life of kids for almost 20 years. Mentoring, walking with and just there to listen when someone needed an ear. For 16 years the context was a white, suburban, wealthier community. During that period Kym came to Mound Bayou, MS (the oldest established all African-American community founded by ex-slaves in 1887) to volunteer. Falling in love with the community, Phil decided to see what she was up to and started coming with her. They have brought several youth groups to Mound Bayou, MS and little did they know that God had something moreā€¦

C2k Ministries Inc.

“Broken systems still exist. Inequality still exists. The political landscape, democrat, republican, or independent, have not proved adequate solutions. We have created an entitled society when God created us to be empowered. We know that the only lasting change is Jesus.”

The Present

Kym and Phil have been living in Mound Bayou, MS for 5 years investing into the lives of kids. RE>Direct, the after-school program, serves as the main catalyst. Bible studies, sports teams and more all play into making a difference.

The Future

There are large plans for the future. Our impact could be so much greater if we had our own facility. One of the greatest limits we face in reaching more kids is our own place. Currently we are limited in size, scope and hours. We have 20 kids in the current after school program but we also have another 20 on a waiting list. Expanding our programs after hours would allow us to work with athletes and more. We have developed ideas for the Delta Leadership Academy, the Delta Music Academy, and more. All this hinges on property development.

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