Kym and Phil have been involved in the life of kids for almost 20 years. Mentoring, walking with and just there to listen when someone needed an ear. For 16 years the context was a white, suburban, wealthier community. During that period Kym came to Mound Bayou, MS (the oldest established all African-American community founded by ex-slaves in 1887) to volunteer. Falling in love with the community, Phil decided to see what she was up to and started coming with her. They have brought several youth groups to Mound Bayou, MS and little did they know that God had something more…

“There is no doubt that it is a challenge. The dynamics that we face daily are unlike anything that we have faced and that is not a race based statement, rather an economic based statement. It isn’t really difficult to realize that the system is broken. The problem is that it is broken on so many fronts that our political landscape will never be able to change it when votes and not people are being chased. Jesus is the only TRUE hope.”


They felt a prompting of God to move to Mound Bayou, MS and leave everything that they know and have been a part of all their lives. In 2012 they packed up everything and moved to Mound Bayou, MS. Currently running an after-school program called RE:Direct as well as working with youth daily is what Phil and Kym are focused on. Allowing them to see Jesus through actions and not just hear about Him in word.


Because they believe that “EVERY KID MATTERS”, expansion of their program is a main focus. Currently they have been blessed by the Delta Health Center in using a portion of the old building to service the 20 students they do. If we are to increase capacity we will need to build a facility capable of not only housing more kids but really using that facility as a Youth Center. This Youth Center would be something that would be open to all kids with a youth room that would have games, video games, music equipment and more. It would be a safe place for kids to come, hang out and hear about Jesus as they see him modeled. This would also be the facility that would house RE:Direct, help older students with college prep, and have a healthy kitchen to make great healthy food.

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