Megan Munro- Our Program Director and More!

Megan has been our Program Director for every year except our first. She has great creativity and knowledge. She alsoC2k Ministries Inc. brings a level of structure through routine to our program that we didn’t have. Most of all, she has a passion for kids and for our mission!
We are grateful for all that Megan has and continues to do. Take a minute and get to know her!
Megan grew up in Oconomowoc, WI. She is the youngest of three children. Growing up she saw my parents open up our home to anyone in need. They set a strong example for her of living out God’s love and mercy.
What are some of your accomplishments?
I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education in Special Education. I have taught in a wide variety of educational settings and am proud to have countless children call me their Megan. I have been named “World’s Best Auntie” for 10 years straight.
Why are you involved in RE>Direct?
God planted Mound Bayou on my radar several years ago. I visited Phil and Kym to help them wrap Christmas presents for the kids. I came back a few more times and felt God drawing me there.
I was very blessed to grow up in Wisconsin, where public schools are rated among the highest in the nation. When I learned about the education system in the Mississippi Delta my heart broke and I knew God wanted me to be a part of the solution. A child’s zip code should not equal their destiny. I am passionate about ensuring that all students are given the tools and opportunities to reach their fullest potential academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.
Tell us about a student that has been impacted through RE>Direct:
  About a month ago we received our students’ first-quarter report cards, and I took each student aside and talked to them about their grades. When I showed Lamont his grades I noticed he was disappointed because he had received two D’s. That is when I had him look me in the eye and I reminded him that he had just skipped two grades, and I pointed out that he was NOT failing any of his classes. In fact, the two D’s were high D’s that he has now brought up to a B and a C. I am beyond proud of Lamont, and more importantly I am beginning to see that Lamont is proud of himself too!
To say that we are blessed to have Megan on staff would be an understatement. It has been great to watch her mature and grow in her position as Program Director. RE>Direct has a bright future because of all the time, effort and energy she has put in.